Resell Your Ticket

If you can no longer attend CHI WOW WAH TOWN 2019 and wish to resell your ticket, please do so via our official ticket resale platform Tixel. Tixel is the safest place to resell as it guarantees the validity of the ticket and transfers it to the name of the ticket buyer. We do not offer the option of simply processing a ‘name change’, this is a measure we have introduced to reduce ticket scalping and ensure ticket purchasers are not scammed when buying second-hand tickets.

If you do not resell your ticket via Tixel, the ticket will not be valid on the day.

If someone has purchased a second-hand ticket from you ‘offline’ (Facebook/Gumtree/Selling to a friend etc) or if you have purchased a ticket for a friend but the ticket is in your name, using Tixel, sell your ticket privately to your intended buyer (the person whose details need to be on the ticket). 

Login to Tixel
Select the ‘Sell tickets’ option
Select the Eventbrite logo and connect the same email address you used to purchase the tickets originally
Follow the prompts to upload your ticket/s
Before the final confirmation select the option ‘Private Listing’ to ensure your ticket/s is not released to the public for sale
Share this link with your intended buyer
The ticket will transfer from your Eventbrite account to the buyers.


Does this event require an official ticket transfer?

Yes, and Tixel is the official ticket resale platform for this event. We will issue new tickets to buyers and original tickets will be cancelled. This is a 100% safe and guaranteed transaction!

Is buying tickets on Tixel safe?

Absolutely. Tixel is working with the event organiser to provide buyers with a 100% safe experience. After purchase, we will help issue you with a valid ticket that has your name on it.

When will I receive the tickets?

You will receive newly generated tickets within a few minutes from purchase.

Can I contact the seller?

No, unfortunately not. We want to keep everything as simple as possible. Sellers are able to sell tickets hassle-free with the matter of clicks. However, we always have the contact information, just in case of an emergency.