Our Friends Farm
210 Tallarook-Pyalong Road
One hour north of Melbourne, straight off the Hume Fwy

From the Hume Fwy, take the C383 exit towards Tallarook, then turn left onto Tallarook-Pyalong Rd.


VLine Train
Seymour Line (Timetable)
Get off at Tallarook station

FREE Shuttle Bus from the station to CWWT and back. Register for a ticket here.


$20 per person each way
Buy Ticket

To CWWT from Footscray, Richmond, Southern Cross, Thornbury
Friday 10:30am

Friday 6:00pm

From CWWT to Footscray, Richmond, Southern Cross, Thornbury
Sunday 7:00pm
Monday 10:30am


Have your e-ticket ready to present, along with your official ID (drivers license, Key Pass, Proof of Age, Passport, etc). You will not be permitted entry if the name on ticket does not match ID.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry.


For safety reasons, we have a NO Driving on site after dark policy! If you arrive after dark and wish to camp with your car, you are required to camp at top camp, near the entry gates. You will NOT be able to drive to a campsite.

If you need to leave site at night, then drive your car up to the top car park near the gate during the day. Please do not move your vehicle after parking until it’s time to leave!


Friday 01 November 2019
Gates open from 11am – 11pm *

Saturday 02 November 2019
Gates Open 10am – 11pm*

Sunday 03 November 2019
Gates Open 10am – 6pm*

Monday 5th November 2019
All yappers must vacate the premises no later than 12pm Monday.

*No exceptions to these times.

The gate will be locked outside of the above times. Please take note of operating hours and plan to come in the day as much as possible.


Friday 01 November 2019


Saturday 02 November 2019


Sunday 03 November 2019




Its our mission to become one of Australia’s greenest events.  To achieve this goal, we want to reduce our waste target by half from our last event.

We are a Leave No Trace event.

How we can do this:


REDUCE – what you bring. Only bring what you really need!  Take things out of wrappers before you pack them.

REUSE – BYO cup or reusable bottles. No single use packaging.

RECYCLE – Ensure you sort your waste and recyclable goods separately and place in appropriate bins.


CWWT is pleased to announce they are partnering with their friends at Treecreds to promote safe and sustainable travel, to and from, the festival site in 2019.

This year all incoming vehicles will be required to present a vehicle pass on entry at the gates.  The pass will be available online for $20, so please come prepared. Proceeds from the transport pass cover the following:

  • carbon credits from an accredited reforestation project in WA (equivalent of 150kg carbon dioxide emissions)
  • free bus shuttle service from Tallarook train station; and
  • super cheap bus rides from the city.

Founded in 2009, Treecreds® is an accredited provider of carbon-offset solutions and sustainability services.  Treecreds only collaborates with like-minded organisations, read about the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Project CWWT are supporting here –


Please note that NO fires or naked flames are allowed at any time.

There are only permits for fires attended to and monitored by the CFA.

A bonfire will be burning bright all weekend for your fiery comfort.

For safety reasons, we ask that fire maintenance is left to the local volunteer fire service that will be in attendance at all times.


I can no longer attend!

If you can no longer attend CHI WOW WAH TOWN 2019 and wish to resell your ticket, please do so via our official ticket resale platform Tixel.

Tixel is the safest place to resell as it guarantees the validity of the ticket and transfers it to the name of the ticket buyer.

I've already sold my ticket to someone, what do I need to do?

If someone has purchased a second-hand ticket from you ‘offline’ (Facebook/Gumtree/Selling to a friend etc) or if you have purchased a ticket for a friend but the ticket is in your name, using Tixel, sell your ticket privately to your intended buyer (the person whose details need to be on the ticket). 

Login to Tixel
Select the ‘Sell tickets’ option
Select the Eventbrite logo and connect the same email address you used to purchase the tickets originally
Follow the prompts to upload your ticket/s
Before the final confirmation select the option ‘Private Listing’ to ensure your ticket/s is not released to the public for sale
Share this link with your intended buyer
The ticket will transfer from your Eventbrite account to the buyers.

Does my name need to be on the ticket?

Yes, gate staff and security will be checking on entry. Have your e-ticket ready to present at the gate, along with your official ID (drivers license, Key Pass, Proof of Age, Passport, etc).

I'm driving to CWWT, do I need a car pass?

Yes, every car entering CWWT needs a Car Pass / Carbon Offset. These can be purchased from Eventbrite prior to the festival for $20 + BF or at the gate for $30.

Proceeds from the pass are given to our partner Treecreds to purchase carbon offset credits from an accredited reforestation project in WA (equivalent of 150kg carbon dioxide emissions) as well as supplementing the cost of bus rides to the festival.


Torch, toothbrush, hat, raincoat, warm clothes, sunscreen, towel.

Tent, Tipi or Swag, sleeping bag, pillow.

Drinking water, snacks, cup for the bar, reusable drink bottle.

As we all know the Aussie lands are subject to large fluctuations in temperature so PLEASE come prepared for all weather conditions including extreme cold, rain and/or intense sun and heat…

Tallarook can be very, very cold at night… PLEASE BRING WARM CLOTHES… BEANIES, SCARVES, GLOVES.



The following items are not permitted to enter CHI WOW WAH TOWN for the safety of all Town Residents and the surrounding environments. These items will be confiscated during car search upon entry so please leave them at home.

• Plastic! Aim to be a plastic free event – less is more yappers!
• Gas bottles (LPG and other)
• Butane Stoves or Cooking Equipment
• Fireworks, candles
• Glitter (unless biodegradable)
• Lasers
• Polystyrene (eskies, boxes etc)
• Glass
• Generators
• Amplified sound or sound systems
• Animals of any kind
• Illicit substances
• Nangs
• Bad vibes

Can I bring my pets or children?

No, CWWT is an 18+ licensed event and pet-free space.

Can I camp next to my car?

You can camp next to your car on the proviso you arrive at CWWT while there’s daylight as there is a ‘No Driving on Site After Dark’ policy in place.

There will be a designated parking area to leave your car if you arrive at night, you can then walk to the main camping area or alternatively camp closer to your car at Top Camp.


Yes, there will be showers available to use between 8am and midday. Bring gold coins or exact money and pop payment into the MS Australia tins at the showers.

Only $5 per shower with all proceeds going to MS Australia.


Our Friends Farm is a licensed venue, whilst BYO is allowed, we must respect the conditions the venue is subject to under the Liquor Licensing Act.

CWWT is a limited BYO event. Each vehicle is allowed one bottle of decanted spirits and one slab of cans. Individuals travelling by bus, are permitted either twelve cans or one decanted bottle per person. Alcohol in excess of this will be confiscated. Strictly NO GLASS. Ensure to decant glass bottles into plastic prior to arrival. Cars will be searched as a condition of entry.

Can I bring drinks to the stage?

Please be aware that CHI WOW WAH Town Centre (Event Space 1), which includes the stage, clubhouse, bars and all food outlets, where all the entertainment takes place, is a fully licensed area.

We have been able to negotiate a unique situation that allows patrons to BYO alcohol into the entertainment area for personal consumption. This means a single vessel/cup up to 2L per person. Leave your 50-litre esky at the campsite. Large eskys, drink coolers larger than 2 litres and of course or any glass may not be taken into the entertainment area.

WHY? 3 reasons:

1) We are operating within a licensed venue and your safety is legally our responsibility, especially while you are in the entertainment area. Excess alcohol can lead to unnecessary intoxication, health risks and anti-social behaviour.

2)  Sustainability and reducing waste is a massive focus for us. We are operating on a leave no or minimal trace ethos, where everyone brings their own vessel or hires a cup, we use kegs and minimise single-use as much as possible.

3) The bar at CWWT contributes to the festival’s ability to exist. CWWT is depending on everyone to buy a couple of drinks at the least. Bar prices will be inline or cheaper than your local pub, served with love.


Yes. From the Bar, $6 per bag.