From the dawn of time, straight to your heart 💓 CHI WOW WAH TOWN is back with an expedition edition to raid your lost bark.

Looking to the stars and moon for celestial guidance, we’ve recruited the spaciest of audio cadets and most cosmic of artistic creators, building an intergalactic outpost deep in the Australian bush, a lost dogs home of galactic proportions.

A Proper 3 Days Of

Music & Art & Culture & Camping etc etc

" Pawesome "

-Chihuahua [Chi Wow Wah Town]

CWWT is the puppy pack family reunion that recharges our chi after the cold winter and connects our community with as much puppy love and positive energy as humanly possible. We’re eternally thankful to our community for making CWWT what it is today.

CWWT 2019

Just a bones throw from Melbourne

Supporting MS Australia

CWWT prides itself on fundraising for MS Australia, who fund research into better detection, treatmentsand a cure for this crippling disease. $2 from every ticket sold will go to the charity. We encourage youbring your loose change for the collection tins at the gate & bar.

Partnering with Treecreds

CWWT is pleased to announce they are partnering with their friends at Treecreds to promote safe and sustainable travel, to and from, the festival site in 2019. This year all incoming vehicles will be required to present a vehicle pass on entry at the gates. The pass will be available online for $20, so please come prepared.

PBS are puppy partners

CWWT is a proud partner and sponsor of PBS. Proud new members of the puppy pack. Celebrating community vibes.